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JIARE Professorial Award 2019






Call for Professorial Award 2019








Subject Areas: Healthcare Research, Education and Medical Technology


Background: Important changes have been occurring in medical practice, and healthcare education worldwide for the past two decades. These reforms have been brought about by advances in medical practice and new technology, increase in patients knowledge and expectations and changing incidence of diseases in various parts of the world. As a result there have been upsurge in research and development activities to meet the needs of society. This is particularly important for developing institutions of higher education in Europe. The International Community Development Fund (ICDF) and the European Community Development Fund (ECDF) wish to fund various research activities in the area of healthcare research, medical education and healthcare technologies over the next five years through its Professorial Award. The objectives of the award are to establish a high-quality and sustainable capacity and increase research and teaching at Professorial levels as recommended by the Joint International Academies of Education Committee.


Eligibility: Academics and Researchers who have made important ground-breaking contributions to Healthcare Research, Education and Medical Technology are encouraged to apply. It is anticipated that the successful applicant will hold senior academic rank, or equivalent, have international recognition of their research contributions, have lengthy records of peer reviewed publications in major scientific journals, and have long track records of substantial funding from International Institutes of Health and Education or other national and international funding agencies. The applicants are also expected to be heads/directors of departments or units in the relevant fields, and they would be referred to as “Fellows” in the context of this call process.


Country of Study: Any country in the European Continent


Frequency: Every five years


Eligible Developing Institution: A Higher Education Institution or University, which has been in operation for not more than 15 years within the European Union. The chosen Institution/University should have no existing Centre or Institute of Medical and Health Science Research, Medical Education and Healthcare Technologies, and has been aspiring to acquire these facilities, but is limited by lack of adequate funding. The Fellow would be required to show evidence of existing work with his or her chosen higher education institution before applying for the second phase of the grant application. It is also desirable for the Fellow to show evidence of work with their existing healthcare organisations and professional bodies, which would benefit and enhance the work of his/her chosen developing University or Higher Education Institution. The Fellow is also eligible to collaborate with government healthcare agencies, health and education consortia, private education and research sectors, and charitable, non-profit making healthcare and educational organisations in the application of the award and in carrying out the project.


Value: 350,000.00 Euros for 5 years.


Number of Awards Offered: One


Closing Dates: 28th February 2019 is the closing date for the submission of the Initial Qualifying Application Form (please see the section for application and selection procedures for more details on the closing dates for the various stages of the application).


Purposes of the Award:


  • To open a Healthcare Research, Education and Medical Technology Centre in a developing University or Higher Education institution.
  • To promote Medical Sciences, Education and Healthcare Technologies Research in an eligible chosen developing Higher Education institution or University. The funds would support the successful applicant to undertake work on professorial level as a Senior Academic and Head of the new research School or Institute with the developing University or Higher Education institution.
  • To generate income to be used in enhancing the work of the new School or Institute with the developing University or Higher Education institution.
  • To promote the research reputation of the developing University or Higher Education institution internationally.
  • To increase the number of research staff and students of the chosen developing University or Higher Education institution.
  • To contribute to high quality research income and publications of the developing University or Higher Education institution in order to compete with other world Universities and Higher Education institutions.


Application and Selection Procedure:


Applicants should complete and send the initial application questionnaires in order to assess their eligibility to apply for the grant. Applicants should include short summary of the proposed project of not more than 250 words, a proposed outline budget and a full Curriculum Vitae (CV) to the Awards Manager by 4.00pm on 28th February 2019. Short listed applicants would be invited to apply for the award and would be notified by 29 March 2019 with full application pack and Guidance Notes. The full application process will be in three stages as follows:

(i). All invited applicants are required to submit their second phase application form by Friday 31st May 2019. All received applications will be peer reviewed and short listed applicants would be invited to submit further documentation if necessary. All applicants in this stage will be notified of the outcome of the peer review process by 31st July 2019. Short listed applicants from this phase may also be invited to attend interviews on 30th August 2019 if further clarifications are needed. The successful applicant will be notified by 10th  September 2019.


(ii). Agreement and contract of Award will be exchanged and signed by the Fellow, participating organisations and his/her chosen developing University or Higher Education institution and the sponsors by 16th September 2019.


(iii). The Project is expected to commence by 30th September 2019. The new research School or Institute is expected to be officially opened by 16 October 2019.

Please note that the above dates may change in the event of unforeseen circumstances.


Additional Information: At the conclusion of the project, a short report and a final financial statement will be required. Yearly Annual Reports on the progress of the School or Institute are required. The beneficiary’s and the hosting institution’s academic and research profiles would also be promoted to a higher level.


Please send completed application to:


The Awards Manager

Joint International Academies of Research and Education (JIARE)

27 Old Gloucester Street

London WC1N 3AX, UK

E-mail:  awards@jipg.org.uk    

 Website:  https://www.jipg.org.uk/jiare-awards-and-grants/jiare-professorial-award/



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